The Place To Mend Body and Soul

Man has no body distinct from his soul.
William Blake

In the days before hospitals and medical centers people went to apothecaries for healing. Apothecaries mixed and concocted all sorts of imaginable medicines and remedies. The ambiance, aroma, shelves full of tinctures and other wonders made the place magical. We intuitively coined the name Acutheria as a place to mend body and soul where many traditional therapies work together to cultivate physical and psychical health.

Just like doctors of the past who honored both body and soul in the healing environment, we treat both body and parts of psyche that became somatized. Whereas ancient doctors did this based on intuitive knowledge, modern research of psychoneuroimmunology has demonstrated that endocrine, immune and neurological systems are in fact influenced by emotions. By listening deeply to the body and tending to physical symptoms we retrieve parts of self that may have been previously dissociated. It is this reintegration of body and soul that restores a person back to health.


The Practitioner

Acupuncturist and Psychosomatician
Irena Ginsburg – Acupuncturist & Psychosomatician

For more than fifteen years as an acupuncturist and psychosomatician I explored how body experiences psychic and emotional states. I’m particularly interested in how mind, body, feelings, emotions, internal and external are integrated in the same person. This interest is at the heart of my work as a psychosomatician.

Two schools of thought, Oriental Medicine and Psychoanalysis, are two sides of my experience that inform each other in the same way body and psyche do. In treatments I use a blend of acupuncture, auricular medicine and botanicals to achieve deep and lasting change.

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